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Blog posts March 2013

WTF with marriage!?

OK, I really don't understand American society sometimes, scratch that, all the time. Why the fuck are we getting so swept up in the gay marriage debate right now!? There are much more pressing issues to attend to, like the fact that the amount of money pledged to be stolen from the unborn(the debt)…

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Story for sale

My story, Good things come to those who wait, is for sale on smashwords without drm, I recomend people look for it, everyone i've shown it to has liked it.


Keep DRM out of HTML5

well it turns out the rent seekers at hollywood are at it again, this time they wanna add Digital Restrictions Managment into html5. For those of you who don't know what html5 is, its an update to html, which is the language that web pages are made with, it is the material the world wide web is made…

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Impeach Obama

I recently came across a poll, asking whether Obama should be impeached, or if he is doing just fine. While Obamas war crimes probably aren't as bad as Abe Lincoln or FDR, he still has been responsible for the deaths of lots and lots of Muslim people, including lots of children with his drone strike…

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New Album up

I have a new album, my first album actually, called collapse into chaos, go under the music page on this site to check out where to buy it.

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