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Blog posts April 2013

How Microshit can save Winbloze 8

This article has three feeble ways that Microsoft can save its dying POS of an operating system. It is wrong, none of these way's will work. The only way Microsoft can save windows 8 is to make it Free Software. All they have to do is make the source code available on their website under one of thes…

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The right to property

The teacher in this article makes me sick, I thought Liberals were supposed to care deeply about protected political speech, guess that isn't true when take a position that isn't politcially correct. I commend this young man for sticking up fir his right to defend his property with a firearm, and I …

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Switch to an operating system that respects your freedom

Most people when asked what kind of operating system they like feel they are limited to the responses Mac, or Windows, and when they hear of other choices they look at you like your are insane. People are stubborn and blissfully unaware. They have no idea what proprietary software is and why it rest…

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There are downsides to the internet

Reading this Made me want to do this:

Libertarians often talk about how empowering the Internet is, and how it has allowed us to say fuck the gate keepers and say what needs to be said, but sometimes they forget that the gate keeper with a gun called the government is able to rear its ugly ass i…

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Let's speak ill of the Dead

Margaret Thatcher has died resently, and while we must never celebrate the loss of human life, I still cannot obey the age old rule of never speaking ill of the dead when it comes to politicians. The Iron Lady was a monetarist and a statist, she sucked up to Reagan, and she created a nasty poll tax.…

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Not everything is artificial

I got into a debate today with my economics teacher about that don't share bullshit that I posted about recently. I told him that the law is wrong because people own their pills why can't they share them? And his retort was prescription laws, when i said that they are just artificial constructs from…

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Don't share you felon!!!

My high school thought putting this sign up on the school walls would be a great idea. I can't tell if they are aware of how fucked up that signs statement sounds. There are a lot of things wrong with this sign, for one, prescription laws just make things worse for poor people, you legally cannot …

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bitcoin is not money

There has been a recent interest in the libertarian community about bitcoin an alternative currency that is apparently sweeping the internet. With this development it has become rather fun to watch Austrian Economists trip over themselves trying to defend Bitcoins as actual money instead of the fake…

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