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I dont support the troops

Memorial day weekend is almost at an end and I've managed to hear only afew cliche commercials and slogans about a gang of hired killers oops im sorry i meant "the troops" fighting to protect our freedom. You havent seen someone pissed off until you break their patriotic little bubble by telling the…

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Adam Kokesh has been kidnapped

Anti-political provocateur and former combat veteran Adam Kokesh has been kidnapped by a gang of criminals in retaliation for speaking out against them, he is being held for ransom and is refusing to comply with their invasive torture measures. The gang in question calls itself the "United States …

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Let's Restrict Voting

The mantra of Democracies is, everybody gets to vote! If there is even one restriction on voting, even a simple poll tax, then everybody looses their minds! Which is rather funny, if everyone gets to get into something and no one is excluded then the quality goes down. It is the tragedy of the commo…

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The Stemp Show episode 2

1. Don't worry, the market will handle CPS.

2. Defense Distributed shut down.

3. Adam Kokesh open carry march.

4. Thegammawave

5. Get rid of your proprietary operating system.


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Pirate the wiki weapon

Defense distributed has successfully created an AR-15 lower, afew Mags, and a fully printed handgun, and then the feds promptly took it down, this pisses me off, I was too slow to grab the downloads so now I have to search for them on more shady websites. It sounds like they are on the pirate bay. I…

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10 Questions Minarchists Should Ask Themselves

Try and get these questions to any Minarchists you know. I want them to think hard about each of these.

1) If you were to find a functioning Voluntarist society that does not violate the NAP, would you attempt to impose a Small Government on them?

2) If your Small Government was funded voluntarily…

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The Driver's License Racket

Many Libertarians rightly get upset at the despicable monopolies and cartels the government creates in banking, medicine, creative works. For this post I would like to focus on a less well known, yet still destructive, drivers license racket that the government has. Like other licensing drivers lice…

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The Stemp Show first episode

This is the first episode of my new show, The Stemp Show, things are a little rough around the edges so don't be too harsh with feedback(Please give feedback!)

Show Notes

1. Don't worry, the market will handle drivers licenses

2. Obamacare still unconstitutional, Ron Paul attacked for saying th…

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