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How prostitutes can get around the law

The states criminalization of prostitution is one of the most puzzling things about it. There are many unsavory ways to get sex, and most of them are legal. You can ask, you can beg, you can lie, and you can trade for it, the only thing you cant do is pay legal tender for it. You can do it indirectl…

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The Stemp Show Episode 6

Show Notes:

1. Don't worry the market will handle software that respects your freedom.

2. Free Detroit!

3.Abolish the NSA.

4. Support Replicant


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The Stemp Show Episode 5


Show notes

1. Don't worry artists will make some money without copyright

2. release Kokesh

3. vote for Kokesh

4. Buy Heliacal Shimmers release

5. The FSF is sueing over prism.

visit to help…

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Review of Heliacal Shimmers Haunted Wood

Heliacal Shimmer is a one man noise project from Florida, recently on Alar of  Waste records a double album called "Haunted Wood" was released by this project. What first caught my eye was the packaging, coming in a two disk DVD case with a very eerie, blue "haunted wood" on the cover. With all the …

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Feds kidnapped Adam again

Well the bastards in the federal government kidnapped Mr. Kokesh again, this time for possessing drugs and a firearm with these drugs, its all here in this email from sheild mutual:


When a fellow Shield Mutual member is attacked, we must all hang together in support of this person’s freed…

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The Stemp Show Episode 4

The Stemp Show episode 4

1. Don't worry, the market will handle pollution

2. Singer kidnapped for not paying government for "protection"

3. Large sum extorted from college student for disobeying monopoly rent over music

4. Use GPG Please.


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Libertarianism is Anti-political

Many people when I try to get them into Libertarianism respond, "I'm not into politics." This to me, is a poor excuse, because Libertarianism to me has never been much about politics, Most of the conversations I have with about "Politics" with other Libertarians consists more of abstract philosophy …

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How to shrink the state

Authors note: The following essay was written as a school assignment about how to lower the deficit and start paying off the national debt, the policy ideas expressed do not represent the authors final vision for society but are simply some interim measures.


How to shrink the State

By R. Stemp…

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The Banking Quagmire

The following was written as an 11th grade language arts assignment in a government school, surprisingly, I got an A on it.

The Banking Quagmire

By R. Stempien

Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. There is no organization that has …

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