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The Stemp Show episode 7

Show Notes

1.Don't worry the market will handle radio.

2. Get rid of Detroit's unfunded liabilities.

3. Stop spying on me Obama.

4. Escape from PRISM with Free Software.



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teachers fucking their students

I recently rented and watched two movies this weekend, J. Edgar staring Leonardo DiCaprio, and That's My Boy staring Adam Sandler. While a post about J. Edgar Hoover might seem more appropriate for a blog about libertarianism I would prefer to focus this post on a topic made fun of in That's My Boy.…

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Anarcho-capitlalists need a new name

Anarcho-Capitalists Need A New Name

by: R. Stempien

Most Libertarians have been through this, when explaining to outsiders what libertarianism is the person inevitably says, “But, aren't you an anarchist then?” A lot of us have often responded with, “Well yes but, I'm a Libertarian anarchist, or, …

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