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Long live the warez scene!

The wonderful brave souls who form the warez scene and the Pirate Bay always have been treated too harshly by everyone if you ask me. Everyone takes for granted that Copyright law is legitimate and therefore the entire file sharing scene is violating just law. Shows you how fucked over the governmen…

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Anarcho-capitlalists need a new name

Anarcho-Capitalists Need A New Name

by: R. Stempien

Most Libertarians have been through this, when explaining to outsiders what libertarianism is the person inevitably says, “But, aren't you an anarchist then?” A lot of us have often responded with, “Well yes but, I'm a Libertarian anarchist, or, …

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Feds kidnapped Adam again

Well the bastards in the federal government kidnapped Mr. Kokesh again, this time for possessing drugs and a firearm with these drugs, its all here in this email from sheild mutual:


When a fellow Shield Mutual member is attacked, we must all hang together in support of this person’s freed…

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How to shrink the state

Authors note: The following essay was written as a school assignment about how to lower the deficit and start paying off the national debt, the policy ideas expressed do not represent the authors final vision for society but are simply some interim measures.


How to shrink the State

By R. Stemp…

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The Banking Quagmire

The following was written as an 11th grade language arts assignment in a government school, surprisingly, I got an A on it.

The Banking Quagmire

By R. Stempien

Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. There is no organization that has …

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