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Long live the warez scene!

The wonderful brave souls who form the warez scene and the Pirate Bay always have been treated too harshly by everyone if you ask me. Everyone takes for granted that Copyright law is legitimate and therefore the entire file sharing scene is violating just law. Shows you how fucked over the government has made everyone because no one ever stops and thinks that maybe the file sharing scene exists because they are protesting a law that SHOULDN'T BE ON THE BOOKS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Copyright law is just another government program, and like all government programs it rests on force, it says, "If you do not do what we are telling you not to men with guns are going to take you and put you in a cage." The government follows a completely separate code of ethics than normal people, normal people in their interactions with others more or less follow the Non-aggression Principle, where force can only be used in defense or for restitution of persons and property. We don't go around stealing from our neighbors yet the government does that every year through income taxation. Why do we tolerate this cognitive dissonance mind fuck? Probably because of government schools. Copyright is another mind fuck, it was always started every country it has been tried in as a monopoly grant from the government to encourage creation of the arts. That is something the media companies have been trying to cover up, they make up this propaganda campaign about it being "Intellectual" Property and "You wouldn't steal a car would you?" Well fuck that, "Intellectual" Property perverts the notion of private property in the same way that "Social" Contracts perverts the sanctity of real contracts. You cannot own ideas or abstract notions, you cannot own a melody or paragraph of words or a fictional character, otherwise you wouldn't be able to speak a language without paying the ancestors of the first caveman to turn the noises in his mouth into something coherent. Real property rights apply to rivalrous goods, I own my car because I can stop others from using it and if they take it I don't have it. It doesn't work that way with ideas, I can copy a FLAC of a song 1,0000 times and each one of those can be copyed another 10000 and it doesn't eliminate the original. Now many people would say that while Copyright law might be wrong people who create things still should get some kind of money and downloading it from the pirate bay takes from that. I would answer yep, you got a point and in fact I try to give what I can to the little guys doing things independently, especially ones who freely license their works and/or sell them without DRM. But the fact is large, politically connected companies don't need my money to survive, and they won't get a dime of it until they stop having the government kidnap people for peacefully sharing a copy of their digital files with their neighbor. So to recap, fuck big media, fuck copyright, and support your local warez scene, they are good people that are doing a very brave thing in protesting the states anti-creative racket.

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