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Save Yourself from PRISM

I always knew the Feds were listening to everybodies communications, but Eric Snowden's declassification of PRISM just makes me loose sleep at night. The Feds are starting a war with all of us and our privacy, so its only fair that we fight back, which is why im providing ways for everyone to secure…

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Fuck The Console Wars

Another generation of video game consoles are here, and like everything else things r getting increasingly shittier. The Ps4 and Xbox one both are focusing on social media, movies, music, and pretty much all around entertainment. Sounds kinda like a general purpose computer right? Except its chuck f…

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How Microshit can save Winbloze 8

This article has three feeble ways that Microsoft can save its dying POS of an operating system. It is wrong, none of these way's will work. The only way Microsoft can save windows 8 is to make it Free Software. All they have to do is make the source code available on their website under one of thes…

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Switch to an operating system that respects your freedom

Most people when asked what kind of operating system they like feel they are limited to the responses Mac, or Windows, and when they hear of other choices they look at you like your are insane. People are stubborn and blissfully unaware. They have no idea what proprietary software is and why it rest…

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Keep DRM out of HTML5

well it turns out the rent seekers at hollywood are at it again, this time they wanna add Digital Restrictions Managment into html5. For those of you who don't know what html5 is, its an update to html, which is the language that web pages are made with, it is the material the world wide web is made…

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