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Fuck The Console Wars

Another generation of video game consoles are here, and like everything else things r getting increasingly shittier. The Ps4 and Xbox one both are focusing on social media, movies, music, and pretty much all around entertainment. Sounds kinda like a general purpose computer right? Except its chuck full of DRM and proprietary software, and almost certainly violate your privacy. The console makers r remaking computers into what proprietary software manufacturers have always wanted them to be, locked down with wall gardens, filled with drm, all proprietary software, with the company in control of everything. I for one say fuck this, and im abstaining from these new consoles. Now this doesnt include the smaller ones like the ouya, the game stick, and even the steambox, they will mostly be open, the ouya in particular can be rooted without violating the warranty. Im not asking people to completely give up their proprietary games, while it is the most moral solution I myself cannot even live without them. But try and get a system to run these proprietary games on that you can control.

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