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Keep DRM out of HTML5

well it turns out the rent seekers at hollywood are at it again, this time they wanna add Digital Restrictions Managment into html5. For those of you who don't know what html5 is, its an update to html, which is the language that web pages are made with, it is the material the world wide web is made of, and html5 will include audio and video playback built in. So no more propriatary flash, no more hitting an unreadable page on your mobile device, video and audio will become part of tbe vanilla web the way they should be. EME, the proposed extension that would add drm, is a step back from this, the copyright monopolists are trying one last big propriatary fuck-up to keep us stuck on non-free technology the way flash does. The free software foundation is of coarse spearheading an attempt to prevent this, and the good news is everyone can help, by signing their petition to keep DRM out of html5.

Everyone Should sign this and send it to their friends.


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