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10 Questions Minarchists Should Ask Themselves

Try and get these questions to any Minarchists you know. I want them to think hard about each of these.

1) If you were to find a functioning Voluntarist society that does not violate the NAP, would you attempt to impose a Small Government on them?

2) If your Small Government was funded voluntarily, wouldn't it be legal to compete with it?

3) Would you be alright with a group of individuals having a violent monopoly on police, military, and courts, if said organization did not call itself the state?

4) Would a Minarchist Government punish people for practicing tax evasion?

5) If it is OK for a state to secede from the federal government, then wouldn't it be OK for a county to secede from a state, or even, for an individual to secede from the government and declare his house a sovereign independent country?

6) What is the functional difference between a small government and a small benevolent Mafia?

7) Why can't a market function without a socialist, centrally planned monopoly sponging off it?

8) Do you loose sleep at night with the thought that you support a relationship that you know is abusive?

9) If I called myself a small government would I be able to steal from you just to support a small military, police and courts to prevent other people from stealing from you?

10) If a Mafia started calling itself a state and limited its functions to defending the people it stole "Protection" money from, would you be alright with it?

If you are a Minarchist reading this, answer in the comments. If you are a Voluntarist, come up with your own ten questions for Minarchists.




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