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Adam Kokesh has been kidnapped

Anti-political provocateur and former combat veteran Adam Kokesh has been kidnapped by a gang of criminals in retaliation for speaking out against them, he is being held for ransom and is refusing to comply with their invasive torture measures. The gang in question calls itself the "United States Government", and has a long 200 year history of maliciously attacking people and property,  and kidnapping and holding for ransom everyone who does a laundry list of things the gang disagrees with. Among the crimes committed by this gang are torture, counterfeiting, murder, vandalism, slavery, kidnapping, genocide, theft, war crimes the head of multiple monopolies and cartels, and it is an accessory to a massive decade long Ponzi Scheme. There has been principled individuals in the past and right now that have criticized and sought  to eliminate this gang, but most people have just passively excepted it. Kidnapping Adam has gone too far though, they are clearly getting revenge against him for trying to put together a peaceful open carry protest on the gangs headquarters, We must all stand up and tell off this gang, otherwise its power will only get larger.

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