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An open letter to my grandpa and other Republican grandpas

When conservatives like Donald Trump talk about forcing companies to register their employees and other measures to check and make sure they arent employing illegal immigrants, they r violating the free market principles they claim to uphold, a true free market means other than restrictions against violating the property rights of people, (defrauding them, stealing from them, assaulting them, or in the case of GM, killing them) there are no restrictions on a business. That means a business can choose to say no blacks aloud or everyone has to work for 1 dollar an hour, but employees and customers can freely tell that business to get bent, and because of the free competition that comes with it, most businesses will be reasonable, otherwise they wont stay in business, and people act like illegal immigrants take jobs from americans, but the reality is they do the horrible jobs that no american wants to do, i know i complain about being a line cook, but i know in my heart that it is way better than the kind of low end farming jobs that most illegals are happy to do, and most people are worried that illegal immigrants abuse government services like welfare, but the reality is its very hard to get things like welfare when u aren't an american citizen, and even if it were, more illegals on welfare is just another reason to abolish it, people like donald trump, when they advocate positions like this, show they do not really care or believe in a free market, that would be fine, but perhaps they should stop advocating a free market, so they can stop ensnaring nieve libertarians, and people who philosophically are libertarians, but haven't taken the time to find the correct label for themselves because they keep thinking the Republican party will represent them, just something for u to think about, i know u are older and the far future isnt going to effect u, but i will have to live with the politcal mistakes your generation and dads generation has already made, and it would be nice with this coming election that people would wake up alittle and start changing things for the better, so i can confidently bring children into this world when i am ready to(which, dont worry, wont be for awhile), nowing they wont be brought into a rapidly decaying chaotic world, which we will become, if we continue on our current path.

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