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Are you pumped for the 2016 election?

You shouldn't be, its gonna be exactly like every other election. Politicians are gonna promise things, theres gonna be cool candidates and lame candidates. Most will promise the world, there will be people saying this candidate will be the one, the one that will change everything, to make America the way its meant to be. Nothing will change though, if the star candidate wins, everything is going to go on like clockwork. Things will slowly get more totalitarian, business regulations will slowly increase, along with taxes, spending, and inflation. Personal freedoms will slowly erode, the amount of countries we occupy will increase, thats how it is. The federal government is a parasitic institution, all it does is grow bigger and scarier, it is not set up for the kind of change most people want. Look at Ron Paul, he had popular support, and good principles, something very rare among candidates, and it looked like he could actually win. But he didn't, the Republican political machine would not let him, and even if he did win, he wouldn't have been able to do anything, the people in the federal government, and all the politcally connected elite(congress, the courts, Unions, big corporations, defense contractors, etc) would not have let him do anything to shrink the state, thats just how it is right now. so remember with this coming election, your vote won't matter, things will continue to get worse, until something happens, like our economy collapsing, or the states getting tired of dealing with this shit. So if you must vote, vote third party, they will never win, but its a nice middle finger to the establishment.

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