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Assault weapons

Assault Weapons do not exist. Period, they are not a category of firearms at all, gun control nazi's made the term up. Selective fire magazine fed firearms like the M-16 and Ak-47 that are manufactured as service weapons for the military are called Assault rifles, The category was made up by the real Nazi's to offer a step between the submachine guns and rifles of the time. A weapon like an AR-15 that is basically an assault rifle that is locked at semi-auto is called a modern sporting rifle. Thats all it is, a sporting rifle, meant for a day at the range. Its no different than any other rifle meant for fun target shooting, except in its looks, it looks intimidating to people, obviously the black metal and pistol grip make the weapon more deadly than an old hunting rifle. This is a Ruger mini-14:

It fires .223 caliber rounds of ammo, same as this:

And they are both Semi-automatic, so its just as easy to kill someone with both. The only real difference is the looks, now look at this one:

Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.

Looks pretty scary right? Well its actually a .22, its just built like a modern sporting rifle, so there won't be any shooting up schools with that rifle. The lesson here is that people judge books by their cover, "it looks scary, like what terrorists and solders use, so it must be really dangerous!" Its a way of avoiding harm, but it can also be exploited by the state to take away our ability to stand up to them.

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