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Child Support Laws are Immoral

There I said it, go ahead and burn me at the stake now, I've thought it out for a while and I just don't see how child support laws are defensible under the nonaggression principle. Parents, should not be forced to raise their children, I know, that also sounds awful, but hear me out. If you do not want to raise a child the laws are already set up to where it is very easy to put them up for adoption if you don't wish to raise your child. This is how it should be, you should only raise a child if you want to do it and can do it. If neither of those are true than you should give the child up to someone who can. Child support is the financial side of raising the child, without the physical aspect of it, forcing a parent to be financially responsible for their child is stealing from them and is just as bad as forcing parents to raise their kids. This doesn't mean I think dads who abandon their kids are not shitheads, and should be ostracized by society, because I do, they just should not be forced.

There is one exception though, when a rapist impregnates a woman, he should be forced to pay for a child's upbringing as restitution, mainly because they have unjustifiably forced this burden on a woman. I also think child support might be established contractually, if you enter into a contractual union with someone else.

This kind of begs the question, what is the loose woman to do? Well, I think the answer is birth control, I'm not of the belief that promiscuous people should hold back their urges, infact, I love the promiscuous lifestyle, I just think more people should do the smart move, and utilize the protection methods they learned about in health class.

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