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Don't share you felon!!!

My high school thought putting this sign up on the school walls would be a great idea. I can't tell if they are aware of how fucked up that signs statement sounds. There are a lot of things wrong with this sign, for one, prescription laws just make things worse for poor people, you legally cannot get prescription drugs without a doctors note, and sense the doctors are licensed by the central state, what you are left with is a cartel that leaves you paying above market prices for certain drugs. Lets say you have prescription allergy med's like I did for a number of years, if you become poor and can no longer afford health insurance than guess what, if your pills scripts run out your fucked, you can't go buy the med's somewhere else off the shelf. You either go without or you go on government insurance and now your dependent on the system, and now the Stockholm syndrome that I have seen in every unionist and government worker takes you over. The sign has a good point though that a lot of prescription drugs are dangerous to use without doctors advice, there is a very bad problem with children popping pills and taking whatever strikes them fancy out of the medicine cabinet, their solution is completely fucked though. They are saying that, "we are simply too lazy to solve this problem peacefully, we cannot ever set down and talk about this rationally or try and educated our children about the dangers of this behavior, instead, we are just going to kidnap at gunpoint everyone who engages in an activity that ONLY harms themselves, and put them in a rusty cage next to rapists and murderers, we simply are too lazy and brutish to deal with this any way else." Perhaps instead of kidnapping people, we could engage in voluntary ways to solve this problem, like teaching people about the harmful effects of careless use of these drugs or voluntarily funding rehabs for people who need help curing their addiction to these drugs. While were talking about voluntary solutions, perhaps we could abolish all medical licensing and regulations from the government, that  way poor people actually have the chance to pay the market price for doctors and drug advice. All this talk about outlawing sharing makes me worry that our right to share other things might be threatened. Next they will make it so we cannot peacefully share our legitimately acquired music, e-books, and movies, oh, wait.

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