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Gun control is dying

It might not seem like it, but its obvious once you know the signs, for instance, watch the frustration in people like Obama's face whenever he gets on the stage to talk about gun control, they know the American people are rejecting gun restrictions, and they don't like it. The fact is, anytime gun control measures are proposed gun sales go up, that should tell you something about how the majority of people feel about this, hopefully it means people are starting to remember the whole point of the second amendment in the first place.

Things might seem bad, because no mainstream candidate for president seems very principled on guns, even the Republicans have proven time and again that they wont do anything to lessen gun restrictions, just not add anymore. But what not everyone realizes is that there is alternative vehicles to abolish gun laws, and they seem to be working well. States like Montana have practically nullified most gun laws, sheriffs from all over have pledged not to enforce them, and the gun lobby itself seems to get stronger every day. For instance, the Gun Owners of America is attempting right now to fight the federal ban on machine guns, talk about ballsy. So in short, hopefully gun control will die soon, it would be nice to have some of my rights back atleast.

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