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How prostitutes can get around the law

The states criminalization of prostitution is one of the most puzzling things about it. There are many unsavory ways to get sex, and most of them are legal. You can ask, you can beg, you can lie, and you can trade for it, the only thing you cant do is pay legal tender for it. You can do it indirectly of coarse, buying a woman a drink or two or expensive clothing, but directly is off limits. Like all morality legislation prostitution laws do nothing to eliminate the actual issue at hand, namely, sex not out of love, but merely stopping the ugly in your face version of the problem that is just too much for snobby conservative individuals to handle.

But I digress, thinking about all this the other day, that coupled with a funny Family Guy cutaway(in which a prostitute and her customer get around the law by filming their activities.) I have come up with a way that enterprising agorist prostitutes can keep their business going without fear of being kidnapped by the police-criminals and while giving up awful fiat currency. Instead of customers exchanging legal tender money for sex which is against the law, prostitutes can except silver for their sex services. Sense according to the government silver is not legal tender and not a real currency then it is no different then exchanging alcoholic beverages and stupid overpriced shoes for sex. The prostitutes also have the added benefit of not having to pay income taxation on the silver, sense it technically isn't income after all.

I think an entire army of agorist prostitutes taking silver for sex legally is just what we need to teach the federal protection racket of the United States a good hard lesson about the initiation of force. 

I would like to close this post with an old joke from my dad where he compared his job in the IT industry to that of a whore, and his boss his pimp.

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