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labor price floors

When will socialists learn? You cannot magically make wages higher through the barrel of a gun, and thats  what minimum wage laws are trying to accomplish. Seattle just raised theirs to $15 an hour. I'm personally quite pissed by this. I in my own job have just recently been given a raise above minimum wage, I worked hard for it, I was very proud to realize that my labor was worth more than the artificial price floor the state puts on labor, and now some fuck in Seattle automatically makes more than me. and they are talking about doing the same nationally. Anyone should be able to figure out why this can't work in the first place, because all it does is fuck over the unskilled workers more, because a firm would be stupid to pay workers more than they are actually worth, and if they must do it a little it will come out in much higher prices on the goods and services being marketed. The fact that no one realizes this shows how stupid our society truly is, and the fact that no one questions the ethics of forcing business owners to pay their employees a certain minimum just shows how morally bankrupt our society truly is. Fuck all of this, sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but everyday it gets harder to keep the cause of property rights and the NAP going when things like the minimum wage law is still more popular than ever.

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