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Libertarianism is Anti-political

Many people when I try to get them into Libertarianism respond, "I'm not into politics." This to me, is a poor excuse, because Libertarianism to me has never been much about politics, Most of the conversations I have with about "Politics" with other Libertarians consists more of abstract philosophy than about current events. This is because Libertarianism is really an Anti-political philosophy than a political one. Sticking an Anti in front of a word has two related meanings as far as I know. The first one involves turning the conventions and rules of the word the anti is put in front of on its head. Anti-novels, take the form of novels only all the rules of a novel are twisted and turned on their heads. Where a regular novel might have exposition, rising action, etc. An anti-novel might do away with one or both, where a novel goes in chronological order an anti-novel might start at the end and then jump to the middle. Anti-music is another example, most industrial music qualifies for this, where regular music might go by the standard verse/chorus/verse structure and feature catchy rhythms and hooks anti-music might have a completely unpredictable structure and might completely dispense of rhythm. Now where does this fit in with Libertarianism? Well political philosophy tries to answer the question of what the proper role of government is in society, or, to put it more bluntly, what is the proper role of violence in society. Most political philosophies answer that a single gang of criminals can be given the sole right to use violence to fund themselves, take more land from far away gangs, and attack people for engaging in any activity society finds gross or wrong or whatever, and also, stop other rights violators, but that is only to get society to keep going along with things. This is what communism, fascism, and democracies entail. Libertarianism is an anti-political philosophy because it turns these rules on its head. Under libertarian doctrine, no gang can be given a monopoly of violence and no one can use violence to fund themselves or to attack people for engaging in violent activities. Violence can only be used to defend persons and property and to get restitution for violations of person and property, that is it, there is no state, no voter majority, and no core democratic values under Libertarianism, and just like anti-music and anti-novels it seems to rarely be taken seriously by the mainstream. Another way that Anti is often used is to be opposed to something, Anti-copyright means to be opposed to copyright, anti-war means being opposed to warfare, anti-Christian means be opposed to Christianity. Libertarianism certainly qualifies in this regard for being against the typical aspects of politics that most political philosophies like, such as the monopoly on violence and prohibition of nonviolent activities. Even Minarchism could qualify as an anti-political philosophy because of the fact that its monopoly on violence can only be used to stop other rights violations, and Violence also can't be used to attack voluntary activities. I suppose for the people that still won't listen to libertarians because of their aversion to politics that all the political bullshit, who to vote for, what scandal the candidate is in, what obscure spending and tax law needs to be fixed, etc, would be eliminated in both minarchism and voluntarism, for in minarchism the state would be so small and insignificant that all this stuff would not happen and under voluntarism there would be no state for these scandals to happen under, so if you want to be true to your aversion to politics than you might as well pick the philosophy that involves eliminating politics and then your discomfort with them all together.

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