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Libertarians for Trump?

Apparently there is a new trend this election, with tons of libertarians,(see here, and here, for example, but theres more) are supporting Donald Trump for president. Now, their main argument seems to be that he is anti-establishment, and that the mainstream media and the Republican party machine does not like him. Bernie Sanders is the same way though, and if you ask these people if they support Bernie they usually claim, "well no, I still do not really like his positions on most issues" But how can they not say the same for The Donald? The big positions Trump seems to be focusing on are a very big anti free trade bent, and a very big anti immigration bent. Both are completely at odds with Libertarianism. Yes, even his immigration stance, I don't care that Stefan Molyneux and Hans Hermann-Hoppe are both anti immigration, wanting the state to restrict individuals from crossing into its arbitrary and illegitimately acquired territory and then forcing businesses to register who they employ to make sure everyone is here "legally" does not square up with Libertarian principles, or for that matter basic free market principles.

The fall back argument Libertarians are using is that Trump is less pro war than most establishment Republicans and that somehow translates into him being a discount Ron Paul on foreign policy. While it is true that Trump has been critical of the war in Iraq, I find it hard to take him seriously as an antiwar candidate when his proposed solutions for groups like ISIS are so gruesome that our current pro drone, pro torture, military personal are claiming they cannot execute his orders if he becomes president, for they will be unlawful.

Libertarians would do better in this election to use the widespread disappointment with candidates like Trump and Hilary Clinton, and use it to sell a less extreme Libertarian candidate like Gary Johnson. Or perhaps maybe look to ways of shrinking the government, like Agorism, Nullification, and Succession.

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