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Mens Rights are stupid...and so are womens rights

The mens rights movement seems to be gaining traction on the internet, and feminists predictably are having none of it. Most of the criticisms feminists have, that MRA's are diluted, that they are not perpetual victims in their culture, and that they don't deserve some special rights, I agree with, but I think feminists are idiotic by not seeing how all those same arguments apply to them. Yes there are ways our culture shafts men, and women, but our culture is not set up to be some giant conspiracy to put just one gender down. They both are diluted with their cause, and they both are completely wrong when it comes to rights.

I am tired of all these groups demanding special group "rights" which in the end just become special programs and money from the government. There is no such thing as womens rights, mens rights, gay and transgender rights, and civil rights. Rights are something every person has, that cannot be taken from them by someone else, the only rights that make sense are private property rights based on homesteading. Your right to own yourself and your justly aquired property does not infringe on someone elses right, exorcising my right to not have my car stolen from me, for instance, does not conflict with someone elses right to not have their car stolen, but having a right not to be discriminated against involves taking away someones right to discriminate, having a right to equal pay involves taking away the right of an employer to choose what to pay their employees. Plus, the concept of special group rights is collectivist and contradicting the principle most of these people hold that everyone is equal in worth. If a woman is equal to a man in competence then why does she needed special rights based on her womanhood? If a black man is the same on the inside as a white man, then why does he need special rights based on his race? I believe in individuality and so I only judge people on their own merits, so I don't see why these groups need special rights, so maybe their supporters arent as enlightened as they make out.

The thing that really bothers me about mens rights in particular, is how alot of libertarians seem to be getting into the movement now, and fancying themselves mens rights activists. While some of the causes and ends of the MRA's may be just(atleast compared to the goals and ends of feminists nowadays) it still is a mistake any libertarian should know better than to make, which is to pretend there are more rights than simple property rights.

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