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Never forget the Armenian Genocide


The 24th will mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide perpetraded by the Ottoman Empire in WW1. When it comes knowledge of atrocities popular culture seems to only focus on the Holocaust, and maybe the Rwanda Genocide. Both of those genocides were awful, and it is important to keep talking about them, but people need to know about other atrocitise throughout history, so they know that horrendous evil like this can happen anywhere, not just by the comic book villian style Nazi's. The surviving remnants of the Ottoman empire, modern day Turkey, have never owned up to the crimes commited by their ancestors, and infact completely deny it ever took place. That frankly sickens me, the Turkish would not even have to apologize to make me happy, just a simple, "Yep, our ancestors fucked up" would be enough. I hope this coming anniversary of the event will get more people talking about it, because other than the band System of a Down there does not seem to be many people in popular culture talking about it, where is the "Shindlers List" or "Hotel Rwanda" of this attrocity? I appologize if anyone finds the picture in this post shocking, but I encourage anyone reading about this to google pictures of it, and any other genocide, look at the disturbing, sickening images of its victims with both eyes open, for if your government ever starts talking about exterminating a group of people, maybe these disturbing images will give us the courage to stand up and say, "Fuck you, never again!"


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