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Not everything is artificial

I got into a debate today with my economics teacher about that don't share bullshit that I posted about recently. I told him that the law is wrong because people own their pills why can't they share them? And his retort was prescription laws, when i said that they are just artificial constructs from the government he said "What isn't artificial? Every law is." I never got the chance to respond to that, so I guess I'll do it now. There is a difference between natural law, like no murder or trespassing, and unnatural law like, tax evasion or any regulation, and prescription laws fall into the latter category. Natural laws arise from property rights, if you own your stuff, then that means people cannot do things that interfere with the stuff you own without your consent. Murder is natural law because you own your body as property, therefore, someone is interfering with that ownership by killing you. Prescription laws, come from no such thing, they come from an attack on private property rights, because it is a legal prohibition on doing peaceful things with your own property, prescription laws say you cannot sell, certain things you own or give them away, without getting approval from an authoritarian cartel of doctors who receive monopoly rent from the state in the form of licensing, the closest a property rights based law could come to prescription laws is having each person who receives these pills from a doctor sign a contract saying they will not sell or give them away. And that will not have near the same effect because drugs with known formulas can still be created and sold over the counter by enterprising companies. Sense my teacher has an understanding of economics(not really Austrian economics though) he is able to see the illogic of big government more than most of my teachers, but it still is not enough to make him realize that the state is functionally no different from a protection racket.

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