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Reversing the slow chipping away of freedom

Most of the greatest fears of antigovernment people is that the government will just outright one day declare martial law or some shit like that. One has really happened is much scarier. The government has slowly over time chipped away at our freedoms little by little. We started in this country with relatively stable money, it was backed by gold, and banks could issue notes that were just iou's for such gold. Then, the government started issuing green backs, and created a central bank for them, but those notes were still backed by gold. Eventually the greenbacks started being devalued and slowly worth less gold, but they were still backed by gold. Then eventually, it was taken off of gold. When the government does this no one freaks out because it just seems like small change, its no big deal and not worth revolting about, until u look back after all of the change has been enacted and u realize, "shit, things r fucked."

This sort of tactic can be used against the federal government, and is being used right now. Several states have legalized marijuina. They have not done the honest thing by legalizing all drugs and not regulating them at all, but they have done a small change towards freedom. The federal government does not recognize the states ability to legalize weed, but does not feel it is a big enough deal to go after these states. Eventually more states one by one will legalize weed and eventually it wil be legal everywhere, and the government will not know what hit them. This tactic can be used for every evil federal law. First states might start with nullifying the more restricted gun laws, and then slowly chip away the less insane ones, until there is none left. Maybe over several generations, will can nulify the entire federal government, and if done slowly, they wont even realize it till it has already happened.

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