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Sharing is not a crime

Isaac Asimov once wrote a novel, Robots and Empire, in which a more minor plot point involves the creator of humanoid robots will not document how he created them because he wishes to keep the knowledge to himself, this in the novel was used as a criticism of the advanced humanoid race he was a part of that had vastly extended life times compared to us, sense they had such long lives, they had no reason to share their discoveries with the scientific community and keep it in the ideological commons, because they could just expand on it themselves for thousands of years, there was no sense of urgency of letting others look at and expand on it that comes with having a short time on earth to work on it yourself. Even in my misguided youth when I believed in the legitimacy of intellectual monopolies, i was still repulsed by this kind of future and re-leaved that because we have such short lives, the scientific community was not going to stoop to this level. So imagine my horror and rage that came when I read this article. A graduate student is being sued for posting a helpful scientific paper on a social media site. He wasn't selling it, he wasn't making a derivative work, and he wasn't putting his own name on it, he just posted it for others to read cause he thought it was helpful and might help others. But helping others is exactly what the information fascists hate, they want others kept in the dark, they want to control all information, and extort money out of anyone who doesn't toe the line. well fuck them, its one thing to make the case that art should be proprietary, even though it is wrong to claim that, but it is even worse to try and make science proprietary. I hope to god the scientist who is suing is ostracized by the scientific community. But unfortunately, I feel that Diego Gómez Hoyos, might become anothe rvictum of the intellectual anti-property racket. his cause can be found here , although most of the site is not in English, so showing support may be difficult, I encourage everyone though to find the paper that the law suit is over, and share it with everyone.

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