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Stay shut down

Nothing warms my heart more than watching evil people fall flat on their faces. That is exactly what happened to Obama and congress with this government shutdown. Its amazing the kind of propaganda around this though,  people keep saying, "OMG is there anarchy now!?" First off, its scary that people think our societal harmony depends upon the health of a large criminal gang, and second, this government shutdown is really a misnomer. Lots of things are shut down, like the national parks, but emergency services like the police will keep running, and sadly, welfare checks will continue to be sent out. It is still blocking the activities of the feds though, and I think that is great. I hope the Government remains shut down for good. Oh, and to the people complaining about the national parks being shut down, they really should be privatized. Sell them to environmentalist organizations like Green Peace who will take care of them better than the government, or, if the idea of privatization really scares you, let the states take them over.

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