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The Driver's License Racket

Many Libertarians rightly get upset at the despicable monopolies and cartels the government creates in banking, medicine, creative works. For this post I would like to focus on a less well known, yet still destructive, drivers license racket that the government has. Like other licensing drivers licenses are arbitrary and pointless. Why is 16 the proper age to be driving? Why do you need 50 hours on your learners permit? Isn't 17 better? Or 14? Maybe it should be 70 hours, or it should be up to the parents. None of these questions can be answered because the market is not allowed to answer them. This racket arises because the government also has a monopoly on the roads. Sense there is no market on the roads there is no market incentive to  police the roads,  so the government has to fix a problem it created by creating a a organization with the sole right to allow people to drive on these roads. It makes things worse by farming things out in a crony capitalist process of having the testing procedures done by special corporations that are also licensed by the state. Now there is only an incentive from these politically connected companies to make things as expensive and hard to pass as possible, so people have to keep coming back, and sense the licensing and regulation creates incredible barriers to entry prices can rise higher than what they would be on a free market. So the government has royally screwed over young people like me by making us jump through a set of licensing hoops just for the privilege of using a transportation system that is forced on us at gun point by the massive state road monopoly. The solution is of coarse to privatize the roads. The coercion will be removed and road owners would have an incentive to deliver the best road they can. Then we must abolish drivers licenses. Road owners will want assurance that the person using their road actually knows how to drive because other wise if they have a high rate of accidents they will most likely go out of business. Car Insurance companies will also want proof that their clients have driving skill and will not rec their car easily. So we have a huge market incentive for private agencies to certify drivers. The road owners and insurance companies will want a very rigorous test so they know the drivers will actually be competent, and the drivers themselves will want an easy test so they won't have to work too hard. So the market will meet at a happy medium of not too hard but not too easy. It could take many different forms, maybe insurance companies will do it themselves, or maybe one non-profit organization will come to dominate it voluntarily, the way the American Welders Society is excepted as the authority on welding certification. However it turns out, we know one thing for sure, it will be a hell of a lot better than the government monopoly that we have now. 

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