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The hatred of SUV's is a hatred of private property rights, bouegeoisie culture, and humanity itself

I have found lately a popular hatred or strong dislike of the class of automobiles known as SUV's. when you can get passed the smugness of their demeanor you get to arguments that on the surface seem like harmless Euro garbage, but when you look deeper you see some very destructive thinking. I'm gonna go over some common anti-suv arguments and dissect them, I'm not gonna cite any sources because most of these arguments I have gleaned have come from forum posts that I don't want to find and I don't find it appropriate to repost words from private individuals onto something like this blog.


1. They are wasteful/excessive: I do not understand what is wrong with excess, it is part of acquiring personal wealth, and it is a big part of modern society. Having more than 3 pairs of clothing is excessive, or having a large house, or a house in general really. This same argument is often used against gun ownership and really private property rights in general.

2. They are not very fuel efficient: This on the face of it is a legitimate criticism, unless a diesel engine is stuck into one of these the fuel economy is simply dismal. But most critics don't stop there, they go on that individuals some how are hurting the rest of us for driving it, and then they seem to hint that consumers should be restricted by law for driving such a vehicle, or at the very least car companies should be restricted from making them. Which really means they think a gang of criminals should coerce people for their decision.


3. Rich stay at home moms drive them: This is the most disturbing criticism of them all. The critics sneer and hate on families where the dad has enough money to let the mom stay home and take care of the children, comparing her to a spoiled child. I can't imagine what kind of childhood these people must have had to look down upon a healthy, well off, independent family.

And here is where we get to the deeper level of their criticism. The hatred of the SUV is the hatred of of family, and the bourgeois, capitalistic culture that allows families to form. These people hate it because this environment breeds healthy peaceful children that don't need the state, and we can't have that now, can we?

The most hypocritical part about these people is a lot of them are big fans of sports cars, even though they really do not need the nimble handling and cornering abilities, nor the powerful engine. I guess sports cars get a pass because they represent excess in the high class European way, and because they aren't at all useful for families, being that most sports cars only have two seats.

Me personally, I'll take the big excessive car, house, and guns, and lots of other consumer goods, and any left wing critics can go fuck themselves and suffer in their dilapidated commune.

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