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The truth about Steve Jobs

"I'm not glad he's dead, but I'm glad hes gone."



Steve Jobs is often remembered as a controversial figure, and rightly so, considering what articles like this point out, but one thing everyone seems to agree on is that he was a good free market entrepreneur and a perfect example of a self made man among libertarians. This flies in the face of the truth, which is that Steve Jobs was good at using the coercive state to benefit him, and that his career has directly resulted in harm to society.

Apple has championed and marketed the idea sense its founding, of computers being a locked up cutesy appliance. Steve Jobs did not make his money selling computers on the free market, he made his money by rent seeking, specifically with copyrights and patents. With copyrights he used government subsidy to perpetuate an outdated unethical proprietary software model for mac OS and mac OS X, whereas if he sold his computers under a free market model his software wouldn't necessarily have to be free software but it would have to be free of legal restrictions.

His use of patents, a way to monopolize ideas, has been in a very predatory way, including outrageous examples like suing Samsung due to their patent on the corners of a cell phone.  And the fact that his computers are locked down means it is much easier for organizations like the government to put spyware into them. If people want a tech entrepreneur to look up to perhaps someone like Mark Shuttleworth.


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