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The U.S. is full of secret police

Ah, the secret police, an Authoritarian government's go to group for cracking down on dissenters. The Gestapo, Stasi, and many more were used historically to harass and murder anyone who dared to voice criticism against their government. Most governments only have one organization dedicated for this, but the United States is unique in that it splits the role between several different organizations.

The FBI can intimidate you and hit you with bogus charges based on unconstitutional laws and railroad your ass. The CIA can straight up kidnap you. The IRS can financially ruin you, the ATF can massacre you, and surprisingly, the DNR can do whatever it wants to you if you might have accidently run afoul of one of the many stupid regulations based around the states monopoly on natural resources.

My theory is that the United States is fast becoming a police state and is trying ever more desparatly to not appear to be one. Having one organization just devoted to hurting dissenters would make them look very bad, so instead they use different organizations to do different parts of the secret police function. That way they can have their cake, and eat it too.

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