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Thick headed fucks....

Thats what these thick "Libertarians" are, if you can even call them Libertarians. What they basically believe is that the belief in the nonaggression principle is not enough, what must come with it a believe in the culturally liberal values of tolerance, egalitarianism, feminism, etc. Apparently it is not enough to avoid initiating force against people because of their life style choices, you must also celebrate them with those people. And what is to be done with people who are culturally conservative and find some of these lifestyles obscene? like half of the damned libertarians in existence already, and um, like half the fucking country? Well I don't know but I bet the solution involves initiating force. The problem with the thick fucks is that their believes aren't really libertarian, they are statist. Most statist philosophies involve forcing the believers cultural attitudes on everyone at the barrel of the gun. One of the points of libertarianism is that you can have whatever cultural beliefs you want just don't force others to follow them. If these people simply held culturally liberal beliefs to be important to them that would be fine, they just can't mix these beliefs up with libertarianism. Hell, if they even simply were dickheads to people who don't share their cultural views that would be fine too, I do it to people who don't agree with me on free software or heavy metal music, just don't put a gun to their head when they disagree. Culturally conservative people used to be very bad about wanting to force their morality on others, and they lately seem to have grown out of it for the most part, I guess Culturally liberal people need to do the same.

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