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Throw the Constitution in the garbage

Like what all the politicians have already done with it. Its time we all admit, minarchists included, that the constitution is a failure. Its original purpose was to create a limited government with power separated between three equal branches, the states, and the people, and to respect the rights of the people. As you can see from a basic knowledge of history and current events, all of that has not worked. The governments size has not stayed restricted, it has grown massively sense the constitution was first ratified. The governments distribution of power has not stayed in an even distribution, but with the president, congress, and a large group of powerful organizations having all of it and the states and the people having none.

Everyone nowadays talks about how we should get back to the constitution, and how if as long as we follow whats in the constitution we will be alright, but if the constitution is so great how is it that the government has strayed so far from it? Its not even like the government has spurts were it strays from the constitution but tries hard to stay on coarse, the government has consistently sense its founding has taken a huge shit on the constitution and blatantly disobeyed it at every chance it can. Clearly this shows that the constitution cannot perform its role adequately.

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