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To breed, or not to Breed.....

That is the question,

Child rearing seems to have become a weirdly polarizing issue lately, with the age old closeted racist notion that you must outbread those of a different tribe than you, and the neurotic, environmentalist notion that no one should breed because it contributes negatively to overpopulation. It even seems to be talked about within Libertarianism sometimes, With Aaron Clarey's No Children Manifesto, and Stefan Molyneux making quite afew videos on the issue. (heres one).

Heres my take on the issue, it doesn't matter, not one bit. First off, overpopulation is a myth, don't believe me?


Yah, so don't feel guilty about creating children, theres plenty of room for all of us, and you have no obligation to create more of your own tribe. There is nothing that makes someones race or religion anything special that makes it so it has to outbreed others, and that it would be devistating if that race went exstinct. I often hear conservative fearmongering that white people will become a minority or extinct, and I don't get why that matters, who cares if a group voluntarily ceases to exist? As long as its not through genocide or something like that then it does not matter. There are some people that do not want to raise a child, they do not want to spend the time, resources, and effort, to raise a well adjusted person, and theres nothing wrong with that. It might be selfish, but it is not bad selfishness at all, if you want to keep your capital for yourself and lead a happier life, then no one has the right to scorn you for that. At the same token, everyone has a biological drive to copy themselves, and that manifests in a lot of people as an emotional desire to have kids, to create them and nurture them and love them. If they are financially stable and have pulled themselves together enough mentally to healthily raise them, then go right ahead, have a shitload. Everyone wants to make every issue a controversy nowadays, but this one fundamentally does not matter.

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