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What If...?

What If that didn't happen? What if GM had not gotten big enough to do this in the first place? In the beginning of the industrial revolution, property owners could sue people who were polluting on their land. The progressive notion of the time was that the progress of industrialization trump the property rights of everyone, so these pollution suits were soon stopped, but what if they weren't? Would the spark-ignition internal combustion engine even have been usable if any use of it caused a law suit? Perhaps the automobile industry would have been stopped before it got started, or maybe steam cars and electric cars would have ruled the day. We will never know though, the government made this decision for us. Don't get me wrong, I love internal combustion engines, especially diesel ones, and I love cars, I just have the feeling that both of these loves of mine owe their existence to government subsidy, and if the government never existed we all would have long ago switched to more rational, cheaper, and cleaner ways of transportation.


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