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What the hell happened to Tim Shafer?

Can't we let gamergate die already? We won't be able to if people like Tim Shafer keep stirring the pot on it. What I think he was intending was to stir up controversy on this to bring himself back into the spot light, because he realized just how irrelivent he has become. I guess it worked, up until I watched this video I haven't payed much attention to Tim Shafer, I like his games, but i'm in a minority, adventure games are not something the gaming consumer wants anymore, and his never seemed to do very well financially in the first place.

The whole gamergate controversy really pisses me off in the first place, yes, the people spamming Zoe Quinn with rape threats are complete lunatics, yes, female portrail in video games are very inaccurate and sexualized but guess what? Men are portraid inaccuratly too. Look at the protagonist of any first person shooter and it is an unrealistically buff macho grunting soldier, it goes above and beyound the buff men portrayed in action movies in its unreality. If you go back to the early days of action games like Doom and Quake, you will see that Id software did not even feel the need to give these protagonists names or personalities, if that isn't dehumonizing, idk what is. Now some critics might object and say that the portrail might be unrealistic but it is still unfavorable to men, to which I say that the protagonists in these video games in real life meet the definition of a psychopath. Now most guys may fantasize about being one of these people, but any normal well adjusted adult male realizes that the whole "Solve problems with fists, ask questions never" mentality of these characters is obserd and immoral, and has no place in a polite society, much like many females may fantasize about being the super sexy damsel in distress whisked off her feet by a strapping buff male like in these games, but also realizes that isn't workable in reality, thats why its called fantasy! Its not supposed to be realistic.

Much of the criticisms feminists and social conservatives have on video games can also be directed at pornography, in that it is unrealistic, demeaning to the people it portrays, and negatively effects the individuals perceptions due to the unrealism. Both are missing the point with these formats, they are not meant to show the realistic side of the human condition, they are meant to be escapism, I know when I watch porn that that isn't how a healthy sexual relationship is supposed to be, hell, some of the positions the porn stars use look downright uncomfortable, and I know in real life that women are not perfectly sculpted thoughtless sex objects, and that men are not perfectly sculpted killing machines, I watch porn and play video games for the thrills, for the fantasy, to see somthing fun I cannot get in real life, if someone cannot separate the fiction in these media formats from reality and they are over the age of 7, then they have a mental disorder, and should get proffessional help.

So in conclusion, fuck gamergate, and fuck Tim Shafer, I openly advocate pirating every video game he ever makes and ever has made, but quite honestly if you insist on using proprietary software I think it is much better to pirate it anyways.

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