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Why can't we have a steam car?

Steam engines seem archaic to most people, an old relic of the past rightfully replaced by the internal combustion engine, but thats until you read about advanced steam technology. Steam has benefited greatly from the use of a condenser, which unfortunately came along to late. It recycles the steam back into water and then it is reused in the steam cycle again, creating a closed system without a water tank. some of the modern ones, like the cyclone steam engine, have basically advanced enough that they do not need a boiler, heat exchangers can do the job, between that and the condenser its form factor has been reduced smaller than the gasoline engine. This cyclone engine can run on almost any fuel, because all it does is heat the steam, and because all steam engines produce their full torque at 0 rpm, then there is no need for a transmission. Because the fuel is burned externally it can be burned more thoroughly than an internal combustion engine and it is run through a heat exchanger on its way out, so it produces a much cleaner exhaust gas.

All of this makes it sound like the steam car is ready to go. It has solved everything that is the stated goals of environmentalists, much better than electric cars, so why aren't we driving them? why haven't environmentalists latched on to these things? The simple answer is that this was created by the free market and environmentalists want the government funded solution to succede, but the answer I think is true on some level is far more disturbing. This will sound kind of tinfoil hat like, but I think ultimately the government and the evironmentalists don't want us to drive cars. The private automobile as a concept is one of freedom, liberation, and self control. You can choose where and when to go, you leave on your terms. The state does not want that, it wants to control us, it wants to heard us into cities, into public transportation, where they can keep track of us. The push to only electric cars is because the government knows they will never be affordable for the common man, they don't want them to be, if there is only the electric cars then only the politically connected elite will be able to drive them, and therefore they will be the only ones that drive, it will become a luxury only for the elite, just like the soviet union, only we will all be green, yay! no global warming, but it doesn't really matter because everyones lives will be stark, brutish, and short, just like the Soviet Union....

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