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Why we should legalize assisted suicide tomorrow

This we, I had to do something every pet owner dreads, euthanizing my beloved cat, Mittens. I had him sense I was five years old and he just was too old to continue living without being in pain. But as I went through with it I realized something kind of sad.

When animals get too old and are suffering, we do the merciful act of ending their suffering in as painless a way as possible, but if a human being is old and suffering and wants to be put out of their misery, the government steps in to prevent it. Why are we allowed to be compassionate and end the suffering of animal life, but not allowed to do the same for human life? Which is arguably worth more. The problem is religious people, they seem to feel that the human body is a temple for god and that committing suicide is a sin. This is really diabolical when you stop and think about it because it denies self ownership, which is the only moral and justifiable way of assigning ownership of people.

Now, I'm a Deist, not a Christian, so I believe in a much kinder, more rational god, that does not like to constantly ordain our behavior, and I believe when he created us he gave us ownership over our selfs. I also believe he does not like to see human suffering, so to me, people who resist legalizing assisted suicide, and suicide in general, besides initiating force against everyone that may want to take their own life, are going against gods wishes, by perpetuating human suffering.

So lets end this archaic and sadistic prohibition on suicide and assisted suicide, as soon as possible.

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