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WTF with marriage!?

OK, I really don't understand American society sometimes, scratch that, all the time. Why the fuck are we getting so swept up in the gay marriage debate right now!? There are much more pressing issues to attend to, like the fact that the amount of money pledged to be stolen from the unborn(the debt) is up to like 16 trillion, the dollar has devalued by 95% and might soon crash to Zimbabwe levels of inflation, and the fact that we are forced whether we like it or not to subsidize the fucked up serial killer creating training done to the armed forces who are then sent over to kill innocent brown people in countries most of us cant locate on a map. I suppose the media is focusing on this to distract people from the recent bank failures in Cyprus. There is a simple solution to this, get the government the fuck out of marriage, let society and the churches decide what constitutes a legitimate marriage in the eyes of god(or whoever the fuck people worship these days). If we did this, the conservative churches and communities won't marry gay people, won't recognize their marriage as legitimate under god, and probably wont allow them onto their property. Liberal churches and communities will marry gay people, embrace them as their brethren, and not allow people who disagree with this onto their property. Everybody wins, and nobody gets to use force against each other. Thats what normal people without personality disorders try and live by, "I don't agree with what you are doing, but I sure as hell won't do violence against you for engaging in it." Sadly, liberals and conservatives will probably never embrace this ideal, the urge for BOTH of them to shove their values done everyones throats at the barrel of a gun seems to by hardwired into their psyche.


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